From web registration to managed services, IDEO found a trusted partner to support its growth in China — for 8 years and counting.


Design company IDEO sought to ramp up their Chinese digital presence with a development partner for both their external-facing website and ongoing digital needs.


Ekohe served as a trusted partner, providing logistical and technical expertise to deliver the firm's showcase China portal,


With turnkey, efficient localization, IDEO has extended their design services and offerings to new regions, powering a global vision for business growth.

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For more than 40 years, IDEO has been a design company known for its human-centered, interdisciplinary approach. From designing the first manufacturable mouse for Apple to advancing the practice of human-centered design, IDEO has long been at the forefront of creating change through design. After designing and launching their core consulting website in Chinese for their Shanghai-based studio, IDEO sought a trusted advisor and partner based in China to help with everything from localization to hosting and ICP registration.


With a responsive, localized, and scalable digital presence, IDEO has kept pace with growth in the Chinese market.

The firm found its partner in Ekohe. Coordinating with a global resource base from IDEO’s San Francisco location, we helped build and maintain the firm's anchor portal in China as well as other narrative and event-based websites. Ekohe helped IDEO's technical teams to deliver an efficient, comprehensive path to maintaining and redesigning their newest core business site in Chinese , offering regulatory support (facilitating its 'license to operate'), server setup and systems administration, obtaining and registering the local domain name, assuring digital platforms performed to standards (without VPN access), completing WeChat social integration, and more.

The result? A 'no worry,' diligent, and secure path for localization to China. IDEO has scaled both its brand recognition and revenue to new heights, leveraging to keep pace with the explosive growth in Chinese markets. As an early entrant, the firm established a footprint that continues to generate positive returns. Ekohe has remained by IDEO's side as a trusted advisor, helping manage for 8 years to date.

Ekohe offered strategic technical expertise and trusted partnership to support our long-term growth.

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