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Owning your unique data is your single best source of competitive advantage.
Make optimal use of it, starting today. At Ekohe, we carefully assess your datasets, efficiently structure them for your unique business needs, and make them actionable through natural language search. Access advanced analytic tools through one chatbot: Insights, Predictions, Automated Actions - all within your reach.

Enterprise-level GPT

Unlock the conversational power of Custom Data. Revolutionize your business.

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Automated Features


Identify Trends and Insights

Uncover hidden patterns and predictions: sales trends, drivers of growth, deep segment slice & dice - all in a few clicks


Visualization in a Snap

Recreating graphs for every small change? Simply ask the system to - get results in no time


Real-Time Interaction

Follow up to dive deeper on previous answers or simply switch the visualization style as you like.



Download or export your KPI movement, charts, and predictive models - in one click

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GPT-Driven Digital Transformation

We also offer GPT-driven services that cover different types of data sources, including Multimedia GPT (audio, video & photo), Neural Knowledge Base (PDF, Keynotes & docs), and Brand Care GPT (IVR, emails & contact channels).

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Neural Knowledge Base

Chat with your PDF's & Scans


Multimedia GPT

Speak with Your Audio & Video


Brand Care GPT

Connect Key Touch-points

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